Monday, May 25, 2009

The eye of the storm.

The last four days have been good ones. Melissa is making steady improvement in her strength and healing. Yesterday my sweetie got a shower, complete with hair, and her toenails painted. When I saw her, she was in her jammies and just looked terrific. Thanks so much to those who are selflessly caring for her!

I feel like I entered a storm the moment we were clubbed over the head with the colon cancer news. Then the surgery really tested my faith and produced fear. Now there is calm. She is recovering in a predictable course. Improving every day toward health. The end of the eye is coming in two days when the pathology comes back and we enter back into the storm. We need prayer for good news, and wisdom to make the right decisions.

Let's face it, I need wisdom and strength just to make every decision right now. The calm has been good. I've had opportunities to re-connect with all the kids and to prepare for the changes we will be facing. Thanks to God for the "Eye of the Storm." Thanks to everyone who has been so helpful, and to those willing to continue to help us to get back on our feet. We love you and are overwhelmed with the support.

God Bless.

-- MikeE


  1. Mike~~know that we pray for you and your whole family trusting God to bring you through this storm even stronger and healthier than before.

    Thank you ever so much for keeping us up to date through blogging. Our prayers continue...

    Jason & Beckie
    Isata, Shauna, Carlin, Steven, and Sia

  2. hey uncle mike!
    im praying for you guys.
    give aunt melissa a hug for me :)
    love you all,


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